Jahangir Siddiqui & Co. Ltd. (JSCL) is primarily an investment company in financial services and also makes long term investments in growing companies in Pakistan. In financial services, its investments cover all sectors including asset management, commercial banking, investment banking, Islamic banking, securities brokerage and insurance. JSCL also benefits from strategic long term investments including in technology, transportation, media, and industrial sector companies.

JSCL was incorporated under the Companies Ordinance, 1984 on May 04, 1991 in Pakistan as successor to the equity and fixed income securities and corporate finance business established by Mr. Jahangir Siddiqui. JSCL was the first securities company in Pakistan with a Wall Street Pedigree by virtue of its former joint venture partner Bear Stearns. JSCL was the first corporate member of the Karachi Stock Exchange and was listed on the Karachi and Islamabad stock exchanges in Pakistan on 10 August 1993.

JSCL has achieved many significant milestones including being the sole domestic financial advisor to the Hub Power Co. Ltd.’s equity offering (acclaimed by “Asiamoney” as the 1994 Deal of the Year) and assisting its former joint venture partner, Bear Stearns, in the Government of Pakistan’s first sovereign Eurobond offer of US$ 150 million. JSCL can be credited for successfully introducing and popularizing the use of equity research in the Pakistan market and has set the trend of using macroeconomic and technical analyses aimed at providing multiple insights on short-term and long term market-moving events for the benefit of institutional and retail clients. To date the Company has grown and diversified within financial services to become a banking, insurance, asset management and securities brokerage business.

The Company has established a framework of good governance and is managed in compliance with the best practices of Corporate Governance. The management has sound controls in place to manage the risks and continues to strengthen its overall systems and controls. There is continuous challenge for growth of business, while setting standards of excellence and governance.