JS Group sponsored Karachi Biennale 2017 inaugurates Reel on Hai – Artist Javeria Arshad at KMC sports complex.

JS Group recently inaugurated 3rd art reel as a part of the ‘REEL ON HAI’ being a lead sponsor for Karachi biennale 2017, an initiative to help connect contemporary art to the city and its people. Before that two were already been inaugurated by JS that took place at Safari Park. The Reel on Hai art project transforms a hundred cable reels into works of art by local and International artist, designers and architects and will be placed all over the city of Karachi.

The installation of this reel took place at KMC Sports Complex displaying the work of Javeria Arshad who is a Karachi based visual artist, her concept revolved around Abdul Sattar Edhi and his undying devotion to serve humanity. The reel was inaugurated by Mr Kalim ur Rahman Advisor to the CEO Mahvash and Jahangir Foundation (MJSF) which is the charitable arm of JS Group. MJSF focuses its extensive charitable efforts in areas including health, education, social enterprise and disaster relief. Mr. Kalim expressed his enthusiasm that it’s our Corporate Social Responsibility’s feature to contribute in such activities that are a step towards the betterment of the society.