Code of Conduct

The success of our Company depends on adopting high ethical standards and business practices in conducting business. Every member of JSCL family is expected to review and strictly abide by the following code of conduct.

  1. Transparency in conducting business and appropriate public disclosures.
  2. Fairness in conducting business while striving for highest returns.
  3. Protecting and preserving clients’ interests.
  4. Adopting principle of good corporate citizenship and striving to fulfill corporate social responsibilities.
  5. Financial statements should reflect fair view of business operation and should not conceal any fact.
  6. Exhibit integrity, dignity and honesty in business conduct and upholding loyalty.
  7. Endeavor to hire the best people, motivate them, reward them and encourage them to innovate. We are a meritocracy and an equal opportunity employer.
  8. Professional communication and open environment where everyone has right to speak.
  9. We value quality of work and employees’ best contribution in achieving clients’ and shareholder’s financial goals.
  10. Maintain highest level of confidentiality and privacy of data during and after employment at JSCL.
  11. Avoid any business or professional activities or any beneficial interests that may result in a conflict with or be competitive with the interests of the Company.
  12. Employees should not hold any position in other organization without prior approval.
  13. Insider trading is strictly prohibited.
  14. Avoid workplace harassment and report unethical practices immediately.
  15. Treating employees equally and avoiding authority misuse.
  16. Company’s assets should be used effectively and proprietary information should be kept confidential.
  17. Gifts and Bribery should neither be offered nor accepted except for nominal gifts with appropriate disclosure and permission.
  18. Striving to provide healthy and secure environment and avoid wasting natural resources.